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Houses for the Displaced, Orphans and the Poor
Written by fra Ivica Perić

The RefugeesIt is painful to see young who have lost parents through either violence or Aids having nowhere to sleep and having nothing to eat. This is why Friar Vjeko started the construction of the buildings for the poor and the war victims or orphans due to Aids. Friar Innocent is involved in the follow up of this project although it is quite demanding from time and again.

The parents of these ladies died in the war. Part of their house has fallen down because of rain. We are in the process of building a house for them. Their husbands also died in the genocide. Together they are 10 staying in this house.

The part of their house that has collapsed due to rain. Some parts they have re-enforced with leaves just to cover themselves a bit from cold. So far quite a number of houses have been built since Padri Vjeko Curic died. It takes him quite a lot of time to see that everything is done well as it was planned.

Workers must be constantly accompanied in their work in order to show them what really in necessary. There is always a big joy when finally the house is finished.

Father Vjeko Center

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