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History of the Father Vjeko School
Written by fra Ivica Perić

Father Vjeko SchoolThe School started in 1999 with the first group of 40 students of building and tailoring. Since they had no classrooms, they had to share with the catechumens their classrooms together with the present kitchen as their classrooms. The first director of the School was Friar John Luis Ofm who also ended his term in 2000.

The second group of students was taken from 2001-2003. This group comprised 36 students of carpentry, building and tailoring.

An Overview of the School

Father Vjeko School

Father Vjeko School

Father Vjeko School

Father Vjeko School

The Personnel at the School

We have 10 teachers, 2 Cooks and 1 Watchman.

Our personnel at the school

The administrator of the centre Friar Ivica with his team of teachers

the office
food preparation

Food is also important for the teachers who have to be at the centre the whole day.

food preparation

The process of cooking at the centre - the food is often delicious. Thanks for our well wishers who assist us to assist the needy.

Aim of the School

  • To help the poor youths of Kivumu to get some skills to help themselves and family especially those who can’t go secondary school.
  • To help them develop Kivumu area.
  • To give youths a chance to exercise their talents.

How the Centre was Built

the school

Classrooms – Tailoring Section

the school

Classes – Building section.

So far different organizations have been helpful in bringing to reality Padri Vjeko’s wish to establish an institution that will cater for the youths. These include:

  • Franziskaner mission.
  • Missionszentrale der Franziskaner.
  • Bosnian Province.
  • General Curia.

Tailoring Section: Self-reliance put into Practice

Apart from learning how to saw clothes, we also strive to be creative and self reliant in some areas. For example this director teaches us how to make dummies for the clothes that we make. It is a long process that needs a lot of effort and endurance: Usually the fitted clothes are displayed on the dummies - just to show how the fashion looks like in reality.


This is the first stage; once the shape is attained, the molding process begins.


Learning tailoring is not enough; one must also learn how to lure their customers once the dress is made. We train the girls to be competitive out there once they finish their training.


In this way we don’t have to buy dummies we make them by ourselves for ourselves as a step towards self-reliance.


We use all the techniques, effort and time to let things move regardless where we are. All our thoughts and effort are directed towards helping the young in Rwanda.


This is a finished work - probably waiting for arms?!

Father Vjeko Center

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