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The Fate of Children - Our Three Schools
Written by fra Ivica Perić

Due to poor living standards, to go to school is not easy and all children who manage to go through primary school are usually not privileged to proceed with the secondary education. In Kivumu we have 3 schools. Thus Friars through well wishers like the benefactors support over 57 children in both primary and secondary schools. However, there are still more children that needs assistance. This support must go on through the whole of their primary and secondary education. In the following photos you can see really that our schools are too congested and there is no more space. The classrooms have remained the same except for the few we did the extension.

They are the leaders of tomorrow

They are the leaders of tomorrow.

Children of Kivumu

It is nearly impossible to manage this crowd with the few personnel available.

Children of Kivumu

The population is growing daily.

Children of Kivumu

Kivumu primary School with few classrooms.

Father Vjeko Center

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