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Happy Easter
Saturday, 20 April 2019 Written by fra Ivica Perić

Happy Easter

Dear friends, The Feast of All Feasts is ahead of us. The Church and all the people who celebrate Easter thank God for Jesus Christ, whose crucifixion and resurrection were a victory over sin and death. Christ’s victory isn’t only his. It is a gift to all people and the whole world. It gives people the possibility to become, together with him, the heirs and carriers of the resurrection.

I want you to feel the warmth of Easter, because religion brings back smile and joy to us and gives us the purpose of life. It means to resurrect already here on Earth, to be in God’s love and presence, and to achieve God’s Plan. This way our world will become a better and more beautiful place to live. A place in which we all are missionaries and are all invited, we just have to answer the call.

To all benefactors and colleagues, Friends of the Father Vjeko Center, who show their love for people by helping our children, I wish peace, well-being and a happy and blessed Easter together with an abundance of God’s blessing.

Translated by Martina Pucelj

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