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The beginning of the Second Term
Thursday, 22 April 2010 Written by fra Ivica Perić

The beginning of the Second TermThe beginning of the Second Term

Today on the 19th of April was another big day for the School Padri Vjeko as well as for whole Rwanda. It is first day for the second Term in 2010 academic year.

Many students start their travel yesterday morning and a big number of them have to spend Sunday night at the bus stations, because they could not get transport. There have been many travelers and buses could not take all of them even the prices of the tickets have been two, three times higher than usual.

In the morning was nice to see students in their cloths in many different types and colors. It was so colorful but for a short time.

The beginning of the Second TermThe beginning of the Second Term

After registrations, payment of school fees, getting tools and materials, I mean after finishing School formalities the colorful world had disappeared. You could see the around the school only green and white color.

They have been divided in different groups. First of all they had to clean the classrooms and around the school. After finishing that they went to their classrooms to start with the lessons while one group made from the second year of builders and carpenters start with the preparations of place where we are going to start a rabbit project (We will write about it more, after).

It was so nice to see them back. First day 157 of them reported 117 are going to come. So nice to see them full of life and eagerness to learn. Around the place, everywhere you can hear laughter and noise. Our peace is gone but it is very good reason that is like that.

Father Vjeko Center

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