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Friday, 29 February 2008 Written by Administrator

students - father vjeko centre

We did start it at the 7th of January. In this year we do have 204 students in the school. Hundreds of the girls and boys have applied but we could not accept more because of the space. This year we do have:

Tailoring: 1st year:3 boys and 40 girls
2nd year: 4 boys and 23 girls
Carpentry: 1st year: 2 girls and 27 boys
2nd year: 2 girls and 26 boys
Building: 1st year: 5 girls and 44 boys
2nd year: 1 girl and 27 boys

It is nice to se them busy and to have a different experience that to wander around. We are so sorry that we could not have more of them in the school.

Father Vjeko Center

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