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Progress report
Thursday, 22 May 2014 Written by fra Ivica Perić

Progress reportGreetings to all. We would like to share the following progress report with all our interested visitors to our website and especially with our donors who have generously provided funds for the construction of our new Senior Secondary School here in Kivumu, Rwanda.

The original plan for the school was comprised of two phases, the first of which has now been completed. This first phase includes a surfaced school compound with gates, and the construction of 11 classrooms - all painted and fully furnished, with 6 indoor toilets, as well as having electricity and internet connection.

In February, the WDA division of the Rwandan Government approved the school for technical education in four disciplines – carpentry, building, computer science and tailoring and an initial intake of students has already begun.

The second phase of building, which is presently under construction, will include several offices for staff and administration, 7 additional classrooms – one of which will be a computer room, a large meeting hall, 6 more indoor toilets, a library and a reading room.

As well as working to complete the work designed by the original plan, a number of other issues required our immediate attention. As a result, we have been tasked with these additional construction activities which has taken a considerable amount of time:

  • The construction of two underground stores that were not on the original plan will act as the foundation for the second phase. These have been completed and work will now begin for the construction of the building above.
  • Also not on the original plan were 24 exterior toilets, which are nearing completion.
  • In order to provide enough water for the projected capacity of the school we had to construct three water tanks. One under ground water tank and one above ground water tank have already been completed.
  • Work on an additional under ground water tank is underway, with the hole dug and the base prepared. However, the rainy season has delayed the work due to a build-up of water at the construction site.
  • As well as the above work on the school complex, we have also begun construction of a building in Kivumu village to house the teachers for our new school. The plan is to accommodate nine teachers, with indoor toilets, a kitchen and storerooms. The foundation for this building has been completed and construction on the building is underway.
  • Work on landscaping the property is continuous. As we realize the importance of environmental issues, we have put great effort towards maintaining the surrounding landscape.
  • As well, to prevent soil erosion we have surfaced the entire area of the interior school compound, using stones and concrete.
  • Our water supply system is also environmentally conscious, with a scheme designed to use rainwater from the roof surface collected in eaves troughs that will flow into the water tanks.

We are very pleased with the progress of the construction work to date. Due to the diligence of our workers and the quality of the work being done, we are confident that this new Senior Secondary School will be of a high standard and sustainable for many years to come. It will, we are certain, benefit the entire community that we are very happy to serve.

Fra Ivica Perić, OFM
Director Padri Vjeko VTC & TSS

Edited by Valerie Kae Ken

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