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Volunteers in Kivumu
Tuesday, 15 March 2011 Written by fra Ivica Perić
Jayne Carlielle Peter Humpe Mireille Lapierre Cherie Plamping Andre Lapierre

As I’ve already written on many occasions, volunteers in Kivumu are welcome. Our goal is to constantly train our teachers in all areas in order to give our students the best possible education.

We used the school break in December to organize an English language seminar for all the teachers. We were helped by Jayne Carlielle and Cherie Plampig, our dear Canadian friends. You’ve probably already read all about their experience on our website.

Currently there are three volunteers staying with us – a married couple, Mireille and Andre Lapierre from France, and Peter Humpe from Germany. There is always a lot of work to be done in CFJ Padri Vjeko, but our volunteers say that they are mixing business with pleasure.

“It’s wonderful to be able to help the missionaries, those who put their lives in service of others. It’s wonderful to see the smiles on children’s faces. It’s wonderful to take a walk through the village and get to know their customs. In fact, regardless of the amount of work we have to do, it’s wonderful to be here,” Mirell Lapierre tells me.

She’s helping the teachers to create the curriculum for English and Math. Every morning, when the classes start, Mirelle sits in the classroom together with the students. She pays attention to the things being taught. And then, when the practical part of the lesson begins, Mirelle is working with the teachers trying to figure out a way to improve the curriculum.

Besides that, together with her husband Andre she’s doing a complete inventory of the school equipment. That way they are going to teach our school secretary, Imaculee Iyambaje, how to manage the things that belong to the school, how to register them in the inventory books, etc.

When he’s not counting the school inventory, Andre is fixing everything he gets his hands on. Because you see, Andre is a true handyman! From maintaining sewing machines to fixing solar panels, Andre is really good at it all. And that is very useful to us here.

And there is also our friend Peter, who decided to spend his vacation teaching our practical work teachers from the welding course some additional skills. None of the teachers and the students were in fact even aware of how wide the application of welding is. Welding is used in many areas of the metal-working industry. And Peter is here to demonstrate.

We thank all our past, present, and future volunteers. Because all their work and effort has raised CFJ Padri Vjeko one step up in the educational system!

Translated by: fra Branimir Mlakić
Edited by: Valerie K. Ken

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