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The new missionary brought us a little bit “too much blessing”
Friday, 25 January 2008 Written by fra Ivica Perić

rainIt is so nice when is raining.  You have feeling as if a new life is getting born and everything is coming back to life like nothing existed. Most of vegetations is dry and brown and when is raining then suddenly everything is becoming alive. After a day or two you see “green” around you. That gives you strength that you feel you would like to fly of happiness. But when it starts to rain you have “a kind” of feelings that life has stopped. Everybody is running under a shade, roof or somewhere where he/she can find a shelter. What is very interesting it is very rear to hear people talking at that time but everyone is watching at rain and how is it raining? You can see heads “here” and “there” looking out through the doors or windows and in their look you can see happiness because “this” rain is bringing something good “for us”. New rain is going to bring something new.

rainThe grass is going to be green again. The beans is going to produce more, vegetables are going to grow better and healthier... new things are coming “out and with that our stomachs are going to be more satisfied with new food and it is easier to sleep with full stomach”. We “strongly” believe when a visitor comes and it rains that he/she has brought as a blessing. That means he come with love and wishes us all the best. That our garden brings the best harvest and that everything is blest in the future. I think that our new missionary had the same intention but at the same time I believed he was a “little exaggerating” in his blessing. I am many years in Africa but for many years I did not experience rain like this time. Even he brought for as hail stones. I think it was a little bit too much. “My missionary” you are most welcome and thanks for your blessings… We would like to have more missionaries like you.

Father Vjeko Center

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