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The school takes care of us
Friday, 13 June 2008 Written by Xaverine Mubandakazi

Xaverine MubandakaziI am Xaverine Mubandakazi. The way I saw the life of this school is very good and different from what I saw at home. Since I came here at school my life has been changed. I am always thinking about learning new things which would help me to improve my life-standard. Things those are good here at school: first of all the way they welcome students, all necessary school materials are provided to every student, cleanness and pure water we have here at school, good relationship between students and teachers, handling every student’s problem.

Surely this school the way I found it, was not bad even now it is still improving. This school is good because every section has a program to follow which is very good to us as students. As far as students are concerned, we are studying well no problem. Teachers are testing us regularly and following us to see if there is anything from the syllabus to be taught was left out or suspended.

By the time classes start every student has to be with his/her own school property/materials to use especially machine, set-square, smipper and other small materials. That is why I thank our Director who provides enough materials for us to use. Another thing which I appreciated is electric machine we have in year II. every student have to use these machines after reaching in that class but for us we have not yet practiced those machines because we have no electricity and our generator got a problem. That’s the problem we have.

Another thing which is very important from school is that we are given certificates at the end of our studies. Those certificates support us when we are looking for jobs. We even thank you for that good ideas of sending us to go for experience out side the school. That thing is very good because it helps us to get more ideas and different things which are helping us in preparing our future life.

Surely you are caring for us very well which is not common in other schools. Thank your very much.

Thank you for catering for our needs.

Father Vjeko Center

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