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Our new cistern
Monday, 22 September 2008 Written by fra Ivica Perić

Let's build our new cisternAt this time the students are much occupied with building of the new cistern in School compound. The idea did come from our friends from Germany. Two of them come to visit us: father and daughter. We went around the School and seeing the roofs and size of it they propose us to build cistern with their help. We would collect the water from the roofs and store it in the cistern and have it for the use of the School for the washing and build another project like biogas which we will use for the kitchens of School and dispenser. They propose us to open new sections in the School like; section for electricity, welding and informatics. We see that is a big challenge for us and a god opportunity for the people of Kivumu, who need it.

Basement and walls of our new cistern

We did start immediately to put it into practice. In five days the students have dug 540 m3 of soil to prepare place for the cistern. When the cistern is finished we will be able to store about 430 m3 of water. All work is done by the students and teachers from the School and at the same time we are building the coverage for welding section because in this way is cheaper.

We did start immediately with the cistern because the rain season should be starting soon and we will be able to accumulate water into cistern. We hope in two weeks time we will be ready to store water in our new cistern for future use.

Father Vjeko Center

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