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Beginning of the Second trimester
Thursday, 28 April 2011 Written by fra Ivica Perić
Beginning of the Second trimester Beginning of the Second trimester Beginning of the Second trimester

Easter Monday in Rwanda is a normal work day. In our Padri Vjeko Centre the second trimester has just started as well. The children are back from their short holiday and are now ready to once again improve their knowledge in our school. The noise can be heard in the schoolyard again, the classrooms are packed and silence has been replaced by talk and laughter.

All our students are accounted for, except one. Unfortunately, that one had to be expelled from the school. His problematic nature has cost him his schooling. He kept beating other children in the school. We tried to solve the matter by talking to him. We tried to make him a bit more busy in the workshops, so that he would be engaged in work instead of making trouble. But nothing helped. Other children were suffering because of his behaviour. That’s why we had to let him go.

Unlike the rest of the students, our masons and carpenters used their holidays doing extra practice. The masons continued the construction of the classrooms for the primary school, and the carpenters were making furniture for the new classrooms. They made doors, windows, desks and chairs.

And now we’re up for another challenge. We are starting a bio-gas project in order to save firewood that would otherwise be used for the operation of our school kitchen. Our plan was to use bio-gas to run our school and the local health dispensary kitchens. It’s going to be very inexpensive, and it will mean a great deal for the environmental protection in our village. But, there will be a future article written about this project.

And at the end of this trimester we are expecting instructors and volunteers from Canada and Germany to arrive. It’s going to mean so much to us, because they will help us to increase the standard of our curriculum a bit more.

Translated by: fra Branimir Mlakić
Edited by: Valerie Kae Ken.

Father Vjeko Center

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